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Hungry Bird Story

4.8 ( 688 ratings )
娱乐 教育
开发 Nesat Karakelle

This application has been developed by 13-year-old children. They have created an application that features food for children that are younger than them. Their goal was to educate them as well as entertain them. This application can be used by everyone.

The children have worked very happily and they have tested their games by playing them from time to time while creating this application. In the end of the process, the Hungry Bird Story was created.

The goal in the game is to catch food and get points from them. If you catch rotten food or miss the food you needed to catch for more than 5 times, the game ends. We can play this game with any type of food we want.

In the story part of the application, there are 2 different food groups. For the bird to get the food, the bird must get at least 20 points in the game. If the bird collects all the food, the game ends.
In the classic part of the application, we can play the game with whatever food we want.

Good luck and have fun!